Sam Bixby
was a curious boy.
He loved to touch things,
run his hands over them and feel their texture. When he went with his father to his piano teacher’s tiny apartment for lessons he picked up a drum, books from the floor, odd shaped pencils in a glass on the table and plucked an African stringed instrument hanging on the wall until his teacher, a patient grey-haired woman of sixty had to say, “Sam—stop!”

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The Cellar Door by Brett Gadbois

The Cellar Door is the story Sam Bixby, a curious nine-year old. He ignores his father’s advice, bumps his head and winds up in another world. There, a sage teaches him how to transform himself into anything he beholds, a bumblebee, robin, even a cloud. Sam sets off on a journey filled with danger and wonder where he befriends a revved-up squirrel, must survive evil crow-men and find his way to a magic pool that will take him back to his father, and home.

“Beautifully written, rolling, fantastical tale
that engages the reader and makes us want to
accompany this young boy…A terrific read.”

Natalie Goldberg, author of Writing Down the
Bones and Old Friend From Far Away.


“…I saw and became part of a magical alternate
universe. The Cellar Door allowed me to roam
free and unfettered in that dimension.”

Barry Morrow, Academy Award-winning
screenwriter of Rain Man.