Reading aloud to the kids from my
book and taking them through writing
and drawing activities.

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Brett inspires kids to play with words, sounds, and the music of putting the right words in the right order. My students loved hearing Brett read and talk about the craft of writing.

The power of Brett's writing workshop is how he anchors his advice to powerful examples he has used in his book. Siting specific examples helped the kids recognize both what good writing sounds and looks like.

I was impressed by how much writing the kids got down on paper in Brett's time with us during writing workshop. Led by Brett's active demonstrations where he showed us how writers attack the blank page, students found ideas spill out voluminously. Talk about engagement! Filled with confidence, my student writers shared their narratives in small groups and some with the entire class. Brett knows how to set a class of writers at ease and how to get them trusting in their own writer's voice.

Listening to Brett, one gets firsthand what it means to be an artist ... a storyteller ...a lover of words and narrative.

Brett's passion for writing stories that are meant for the ear as much as they are for the mind and heart inspires. His visit left us connected to the hope and possibility of what great writing can do and what it means to be part of a writing community.

If you are bringing an author to your school, I heartily recommend inviting Brett Gadbois.”

Barry Hoonan
Co-author Beyond Reading and Writing 
2004 NCTE's Language Arts Teacher of Excellence Award winner

"Brett created 30-45 minute sessions for 1st through 4th grade classes. With a combination of drawing and writing activities, the students were engaged the entire time. I heartily recommend Mr. Gadbois for school and classroom author visits."

Jack Corbett
Librarian, Silverdale Elementary School

"Mr. Gadbois,

Thank you so much for the time you spent with our group! The girls really enjoyed it and felt very special because of it!

Perhaps one of them will grow up to be an author because of you Thank you again.”

Sandi Stenerson,
Learning Specialist, Silver Ridge Elementary School
Silverdale, WA